About The Tax Collective

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Dealing with taxes and accounting is hard, especially when running a small business or earning income on your own (i.e. self-employment income), and it only gets more complicated as your business grows. When you own your business, there's so much more beyond just filing your taxes once a year - it's a year-round process consisting of bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll tax, quarterly estimated taxes, and so much more. Until you get to that point where you can hire a full time CPA working alongside your business, or bring on an in-house accountant or bookkeeper, you're going to have to figure out how to tackle the various tax and accounting compliance obligations and still have the energy to focus on running your business.

The Tax Collective is a community of creative-minded individuals who share, discover, and connect with each other to navigate the complexities of taxes and accounting in a collaborative online space. Members can follow tax tips, ask questions, receive practical advice, and participate in discussion - all in a friendly and approachable online forum environment. With a community of other small business owners at your side you may discover ways to save on taxes, ways to make bookkeeping easier, understand areas where you may be at risk for tax liability exposure, and most importantly, you won't have to feel the anxiety of trying to deal with taxes and accounting alone as you move forward and grow your business.

The Tax Collective is conceived by Wendy @thetaxmuse, an accountant who has over 10 years of professional tax and accounting experience. She believes that accounting and tax planning are two of the foundations of building a successful small business, but unfortunately many people are not at the stage of their businesses where they can hire a professional to help with these tasks. Her goal is to provide accessible tools and resources to empower small business owners to be in control of the tax and accounting aspects of their finances, which will help them to make better business decisions and ultimately take their business to the next level.