Here to help break through your tax and accounting roadblocks

Often times, as a small business owner, tax or accounting issues can pop up and bring you to a halt.

Unfortunately, finding the answer isn't always as simple as performing a quick online search.


"If only there was someone I could call!"

This Helpline is for those whose businesses are at a stage where a full-on professional CPA isn't yet warranted: you just have some "quick" questions or need a little guidance to get you moving forward again. 

Helpline Chat

Helpline Chat Session

$75 per 30 minutes


The Helpline chat is a 30 minute phone chat session with Wendy @TheTaxMuse. This Helpline chat service provides practical guidance for tax and accounting related topics. Tax topics are limited to general federal and California tax information.

How this works:

1) Book a date & time that works for you using the button link below

2) A dial in number will be provided upon booking confirmation. Screenshare functionality (via Zoom) is available for ease of discussion

3) Dial in or join the screenshare meeting link at the confirmed time to get the help you need

Below are examples of questions and topics that can be addressed during the Helpline Chat Session:

 - How can this transaction be accounted for or categorized for bookkeeping?

 - How can I pay myself as a sole proprietor or LLC owner?

 - How do I navigate the California online sales tax portal?

 - What does this notice, letter, or document mean, and what are the next steps I should take?

 - What are the tax implications of forming an LLC, Partnership, Corporation or S Corp?

 - I have no idea what I should do in terms of tax and accounting as a small business owner. Can you point me to the right direction?

Who this is for:

You have a tax or accounting question or topic for which you need general guidance. 

Who this is not for:

The Helpline Chat Session is not suitable if you need professional tax advice. Professional tax advice is provided when a CPA-client relationship has been established as it requires the knowledge of the taxpayer's individual facts and circumstances. Discussions held within the Helpline do not take into consideration all of the taxpayer's individual information and circumstances as it is not possible to obtain all information required during the allotted time.

Important Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions of the Helpline Chat

Helpline Chat service is provided by Montparnasse LLC doing business as The Tax Muse ("we") which is not a tax or accounting firm. This service is not considered professional tax, accounting, legal, or financial advice. The information you receive from the Helpline is intended to provide you with general educational information or to guide you to additional resources. Information obtained through the Helpline does not create any form of accountant-client or CPA-client relationship. Tax regulations and accounting guidelines are complex, and tax consequences will vary greatly with each taxpayer's individual facts and circumstances. Therefore, it is not possible to discuss or summarize every detail of the tax law or issue, especially as they might apply to your specific circumstances. Any information obtained can not be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed under U.S. federal, state, or local tax law.

By booking a Helpline chat, you understand that the information obtained during the session is not considered professional tax, accounting, legal, or financial advice and you agree that we are not responsible for implications or consequences of any kind that you may have as a result of information presented to you through the Helpline.  It is strongly encouraged that you always consult with a tax or accounting professional about your specific situation before taking any action.